Studio Moe




Dan Grigoriu

Better known under his stage name ‘Moe Danger’, Dan is a music nerd at heart. Since childhood, he preferred spending his days making music, learning different instruments, playing with mixers and building synthesizers. Music is the language he speaks best.

Before moving his studio to Montreal, Canada at the end of 2023, Dan spent over a decade building his career in Berlin, the heart of Europe’s Techno scene. Working steadily in the industry since 2013, Dan knows what it takes to get a track from idea to dance floor banger. His obsession with sound and his strive for quality are the backbones of his talent. His reputation has led him to working with top artists and labels in the dance music industry — specifically techno, tech-house and deep-house — along with other genres including rap and rock.

He’s mixed releases on Stil Vor Talent, Steyoyoke, ICONYC, Kittball, Beatfreak Recordings, EIN2, Black Kat, trndmsk, Balance Music, Lost Diaries, Sound Avenue, Moonbootique Records, Audio Safari, House Music With Love, Supdub Records, Kuukou Records, Nugget Music and many more. In addition to over 75 releases on more than 50 record labels under his artist name Moe Danger.


Studio Moe​

Please note: the information in this section refers to the previous studio based in Berlin, Germany. The new Studio Moe in Montreal, Canada is currently 90% up and running while acoustic fine tuning is still underway and expected to be done soon. Photos and information of the new studio will be added to the site shortly.


Studio Moe 1.0:

Built in 2017 ‘Studio Moe’ is a cozy mixing and mastering studio, but don’t let that fool you, it was built with one purpose: SOUND!

The room dimensions fit the Golden-Ratio, for all you techs out there. The space has been acoustically treated and tuned to give a truly flat response. Complete with a pair of Neumann KH120 monitors and an EVE Audio TS108 subwoofer this ensures true precision when referencing bass-heavy material. The result is exceptional control for the engineer, providing the client with a product that translates well on all systems, from laptop speakers to festival main stage.